I had to work on Saturday and we had no real plans for that night so I decided another Deep Treatment was in order. I put a mixture of Shea Moisture Deep Treatment masque, GVP Conditioning  Balm, and a little olive oil on my hair and wrapped it up in a scarf before I went to bed. I woke up and rinsed out the DT. Then I 'pooed with SM Yucca Thickening shampoo and conditioned with GVP CB. While my hair was still sopping wet, I scrunched in some SM Curl & Style Milk, then used my Denman to brush through. I followed that by LA Looks Nutra Curl, then topped off with more curl milk (for no crunch/softness!)

The verdict... I wasn't impressed with this combo.. my hair took FOREVER to dry. And then it was still frizzy and stuck to my head. It could be a number of things.. we have well water, so I suspect that is the most likely culprit, but I shall keep trying!

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